Keeping humans warm for less

A new way of controlling your heating that saves energy and money

Radbot. The smart radiator thermostat.

Save up to £180 a year, and reduce energy consumption, by only heating rooms when needed. 

No more heating empty rooms!

If your heating comes on at 4.30pm but you don’t go to bed until 10.30pm, that’s over 5 hours of heating unoccupied rooms. A waste of energy and money!

Radbot puts an end to this, helping you save money while reducing your carbon footprint.

Not bad, eh?

Smarter than the average thermostat

By monitoring light and household patterns of movement, Radbot learns to control the heating in each room, so it’s warm only when you need it.

The best bit is that when a room is empty, Radbot simply reduces the temperature, saving you money and energy.

Smart heating made easy

The great thing about Radbot is simplicity. It’s easy to install, so no plumbers or heating engineers are required.

With built-in artificial intelligence, Radbot works on its own to understand when you need to heat the room. There’s no need for smartphone apps or an internet connection either.

Simply fit and forget. Job done!  

A change in routine? No problem.

Heating the whole house when you’re the only one home can feel like an indulgence. Radbot understands when one room is occupied and only heats that radiator – even when there’s a change in your daily routine.

If you’re a bit chilly and can’t wait, there’s even a boost button to get the room heated faster.

Working for you and the planet

You don’t need us to tell you about the importance of reducing your carbon footprint. Lowering your home’s average heating temperature by 1°C can save between 8% – 10% in energy used.

On average, Radbot lowers it by 3°C which can save you up to 31% off your heating bills.

As they say, simple ideas are usually the best! It’s also a great way to do your bit for the environment.


How Radbot works

The Brains behind the bot

Radbot continually monitors light levels, temperature and humidity, which it combines with cutting-edge artificial intelligence to build a pattern of occupancy for each room.  

Armed with this information, it automatically adjusts the output of the radiator, ensuring each room is warm only when required.

Because the device is continually monitoring, it adapts to changes in your schedule without the need for reprogramming complex schedules.

Set, fit and forget!

Designed for everyone

Radbot can be used with any heating system that uses radiators. That’s over 90% of the homes in the UK. 

Unlike other smart heating solutions, each Radbot works completely independently, so you don’t need a central control unit. It’s simple to install and easily scalable.

You can start with just a few Radbots and buy more as required.

Radbot’s credentials

SAVES ENERGY – up to 31% savings per radiator
SAVES MONEY – 4-5 Radbots can significantly reduce your energy bills, up to £180 a year
RESPONDS – learns how you use each room and continually adjusts to your changing schedule
ZONAL CONTROL – room by room control improves comfort by keeping each of your rooms at just the right temperature
MANUAL BOOST – handy boost feature provides 30 minutes of extra heat on demand
PROTECTS – Built-in frost and humidity detection protects your home from damp and water leaks
OPTIMISES – monitors the room environment and learns how long each room takes to heat to ensure both comfort and savings are optimised
MAINTAINS – Its automatic maintenance cycle keeps your radiator valves from ever getting jammed

Simple to install

Fitting Radbot couldn’t be simpler. The same time it takes to make a cup of tea.

Remove the control head from your old thermostatic radiator valve and replace with Radbot. It takes minutes and doesn’t require special tools or skills.

Easy to use

Apart from the clever bit going on inside, Radbot works like just like a regular radiator thermostat. Set the comfort level you want and Radbot warms the room.

It does have a handy boost button. If you ever need a bit more heat just press the top and it will give you a blast for 30 mins before returning to its original temperature. No need for you to remember to turn it back down again!